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From 2022 on, the professional school evolves from 2 years training to 5 cycles of 3 months each. Read more about the new program (in french)

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The Samovar teaches the art of clown, from the creation of a character to the skills involved in creating shows. The whole process is based on the specific qualities and desires of each individual.
The course is designed for actors, circus performers, dancers, musicians as well as artists from other disciplines. The course length is one or two years. Please note that it is very demanding in terms of personal investment.

1st year, from October to June: towards an initial creation of a clown character (480 hours) :

There is a public class every month and a cabaret at the end of the year, as well as rehearsals and performances within our partner network.

Optional classes in the 1st and 2nd years : circus skills, singing, dance, buffoon, physical comedy

Beyond the two-year course, some students can benefit from further help with making a show (for a duration of one or two years): guidance is given through the various stages of writing; residencies are organised within our partner network; and there are public presentations in the Samovar and elsewhere.

Our partners: FFEC, FEDEC, Excentrique Festival (Région Centre), Daki Ling (Marseille), Atelier Teatro Fisico (Turin), Tapis Vert (Alençon), Center of Equestrian Circus Arts (Noailles), festival Le Mans fait son Cirque...


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